Fort Wayne/Indy/Youngstown

One of the best comments you can hear when on the road is when someone thanks you for coming through their town. Bear Bones and Castle Black played a Halloween show in Youngstown, Ohio tonight, with two awesome local bands - Incessant and SAP. I was talking to the singer from SAP afterward, and she said how much it means to a town like Youngstown to have bands come through and that just really made an otherwise amazing night that much more amazing. Nate at Westside Bowl is also one of the most generous, caring and hardworking venue owners that I have met on this journey. He treats the bands so well, and his entire heart is in Westside Bowl and that makes us want to keep coming back here.

Being back in Indianapolis on Tuesday was great. We had lots of dog time with Oswald, the dog of one of the band members of Target Acquired, who graciously let us stay with him. The show itself was pretty empty, but we had a reviewer there who was absolutely enthusiastic about the show. We can’t wait to read her review. We also reunited with our friends in Lowdown, met some great people and were treated really well by the entire Melody Inn staff.

We had never played in Fort Wayne and so we weren’t really sure what to expect there on a Monday night. The people we met in Fort Wayne were super kind and generous. We had two offers of a place to stay weeks before the tour started. Dan set up a really great show, with the local band Venus in Jeans, at The Ruin. Great place, people, beer (sour cucumber all around) and sound.

Milwaukee 28-Oct-2018

Second time in Milwaukee, and love this city. We’re staying with an amazing family, who are using their Air B N B proceeds to fund their daughter’s trip to Vietnam next summer, where she is going to study at a medical program. The house and the neighborhood are beautiful.

We had a really fun show tonight at Bremen Cafe, where we played last July as well. Tonight, we played with the local band The Ponymen (also played with them in July), and we just love these guys. The other local band dropped, due to a sick member, although not surprising since one of their members vehemently proclaimed to me in pre-show discussions how they didn’t care either way about this show, and were just showing up because Ponymen asked them to. Lesson here, don’t be a dick. But, even if you choose to be, know that we will still have a kick-ass show.

Tour Blog

I wish I had started this a while ago, but a friend recently suggested doing this, as a lot of our stories from the road are funny, or insightful or just entertaining.    I'd like to go back and at least do a summary of highlights from recent tours, but realistically I may not have time for that.   At any rate, this blog is now set up and ready to go.