Milwaukee 28-Oct-2018

Second time in Milwaukee, and love this city. We’re staying with an amazing family, who are using their Air B N B proceeds to fund their daughter’s trip to Vietnam next summer, where she is going to study at a medical program. The house and the neighborhood are beautiful.

We had a really fun show tonight at Bremen Cafe, where we played last July as well. Tonight, we played with the local band The Ponymen (also played with them in July), and we just love these guys. The other local band dropped, due to a sick member, although not surprising since one of their members vehemently proclaimed to me in pre-show discussions how they didn’t care either way about this show, and were just showing up because Ponymen asked them to. Lesson here, don’t be a dick. But, even if you choose to be, know that we will still have a kick-ass show.